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Dr. Scopp Featured Lecturer at the International Cartilage Repair Society’s 12th Annual World Congress

Dr. Jason Scopp, Director of our Joint Preservation Center, was a featured lecturer at the International Cartilage Repair Society’s 12th Annual World Congress in Chicago. This annual gathering of physicians, scientists and allied health professionals from around the world was created to bring these talented professionals together to share their results, experiences, techniques and failures in the field of cartilage repair. Dr.

Scopp’s presentation was titled “A La Carte for Rebuilding the Knee: Stability, Alignment and Surface”. In his lecture, he stressed the importance of looking at small defects, as well as large defects in an injured knee from both the macroscopic level and the microscopic level. He also reminded physicians that it is okay to profile their patients with respect to who will do well based on evidence-based medicine. This is an approach he feels can greatly improve a physicians ability to manage their patients expectations and improve outcomes. He also reminded the audience of the importance of tracking the 'joint quality of life' algorithm, as well as, the importance of educating patients about their injuries and the resulting defects.

Dr. Scopp closed his presentation with a quote from a fellow physician attending ICRS saying, “Patients who do well are those who are selected well”.

Watch Dr. Scopp's Presentation



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